Improve your Digestion – Improve your health

Don’t take your digestive system for granted.

Good digestion system with good balanced diet will result in healthy mind and body, and bad digestion system with poor diet will result in serious ailments and problems. From your head to toe, all body parts, organs, bones, and everything in between is dependent on the nutrients you will get from your food. And it is with a healthy digestion system only, that you can manage to break down the food into nutrients, which are essential.

You might be taking healthy diet at times, but because of your poor digestion, your body will not be able to extract good nutrients. Take lactose tolerance as an example, you can drink lots of milk, but because your body is not able to digest and deal with milk properly, you might face trouble instead of getting the benefits from milk. So, to cut a long story, short, you need to pay attention to your digestion system, here’s how to do that.

High Fiber:

Do you think high fiber, organic, whole grain diet is one of those big words used for marketing? Well, some food products might be using them just for marketing purpose, but high fiber or whole grain diet is actually the secret of good digestion. Fiber is of two types, soluble and insoluble, and both are equally important. Soluble fiber can help maintain balance sugar and cholesterol levels in blood. Insoluble fiber will add as the bulking factor in stool, while also providing additional health benefits.

Drink Lots of Water:

Drinking lots of fresh water, at least the daily limit, will keep you hydrated. Dehydration is the reason behind so many ailments, and constipation and various other digestive problems are one of those common troubles caused by dehydration. Water will help your stomach dissolve food. You can also add some lemon and other natural food for added benefits, every once in a while.

Negative Feelings:

Negative feelings, especially stress, anxiety, and fear can have negative effect on your digestion (just like many other systems in your body), so the more positive frame of mind you have, the better your body will cope with day to day challenges. Physical or mental stress will harm your digestive system, be relaxed, you can add some exercise or yoga to keep the stress at bay.

Eating Habits:

It’s important to eat slowly and spend time while chewing your food. Eating quickly without paying attention to the food and its quantity will often result in stuffing your stomach, which is of course not good. Focus on your food, and stop watching TV or any other activity while eating. Always follow a proper time table for eating, don’t keep changing your meal time every so often.

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