Using Sunscreen for Skin Care – Five Mistakes to Avoid!

Some people face serious sun related issues like pre-mature aging, skin thinning, freckles, brown spots, sun burn and skin cancers, despite using sunscreen every day. This is because they are not familiar with the correct way of protecting them with a sunscreen.

Using a Sunscreen – What Not to Do?

Just getting your hands on a sunscreen with right SPF is not enough. Knowing what are some other things to look for before buying a sunscreen and using it sufficiently and appropriately will bring the desired results. If you are really serious about taking good care of your skin, you must not make the following mistakes.

1:  Not Applying Prior to Exposure: I know many people, who don’t bother to apply sunscreen around 30 minutes prior to having a sun exposure. They normally apply it after they have reached the beach, wore their swimsuits and lay down on their picnic mats. This is the biggest mistake because during this time, our skin has already absorbed enough UV rays.

2: Ignoring the Expiry Dates: Dermatologists recommend buying a new sunscreen after every three months. This is because the active ingredients of a sunscreen become ineffective over time as a result of contact with the air and heat. Moreover, there is a chance of contamination, if the bottle remains open for longer time. So, consider your sunscreen expired after every three months.

3: Not using enough of it: Just dabbing a little amount of sunscreen on the face is not enough, but you need its sufficient quantity to make a protective layer on all parts of your body. The rule of the thumb is to use one small glass of sunscreen in one application on all parts of your body including your back of the neck, fingers, ears, lips and all other sensitive areas.

4: Not Re-applying Frequently: The life of the sun protection from a sunscreen is maximum two hours after which it should be re-applied. If you are on the beach playing with water or even in the sunlight and sweating, you need to re-apply the sunscreen even more frequently, after every 60 minutes. This is because these conditions make the sunscreen wear off quickly.

5: Not Buying the Right Sunscreen: Buying a sunscreen with SPF 30 only protects your skin from UVB rays. Remember, that the ideal sunscreen is a water-resistant sunscreen, does not contain harmful toxins and is labeled as ‘Multi-spectrum’ or ‘Broad-Spectrum’ sunscreen, which means the sunscreen offers protection from multiple types of rays emitted by the sun. Sun can also help warts grow, but there are natural mole removal remedies that might help.

If you are smart enough in choosing the right sunscreen and using it properly, congratulations, because you can lower your risk of developing skin cancers and quick aging.